Jinqi wrap yarn

Jinqi spandex wrap yarn is a kind of high-end elastic fiber. It is new type textile material with fine elasticity, excellent fineness, high strength, low specific gravity, and excellent dyeing property. It can be blended into fabrics with wool, cotton, polyacrylic fiber and chinlon. And it is widely applied in clothes, medical health and garniture fields. It promotes wearability and added value of fabrics. It endows various fabrics with soft hand feel and elasticity.


Features of Jinqi spandex wrap yarn

→excellent leveling property
No stripe, smooth surface and fine pin
→fine heat setting effect
No shrinkage after heat setting
No damage on advantages of raw material
→soft hand feel
Soft and comfortable and fine elastic recovery property
→excellent weaving property
Keeping excellent expansion force in weaving and maintaining size
→fine strength and durability
Wear resistance and long durability
→rare brightening phenomenon of spandex yarn and natural transparency
No obvious brightening phenomenon on dark color products

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